The Practitioner

The Practitioner-thirty-years evolving side-by-side with present Health Risks, Prevention and Maintenance.


Not your typical AromaTherapy Education/Certification/Practice

The Certified A-CAM Practitioner Consultant    

Trained to offer science-based Consultation on the most natural approach to everyday living by pinpointing and replacing toxins in products used for personal care and for the home/office. Highest quality A-CAM Essential Oils used and validated for thirty-years to economically replace toxic synthetics used in everything from bathroom cleaners to air fresheners to baby products, promoting and recommending healthier lifestyle choices, for better health. The A-CAM Practitioner will gain the knowledge of formulating their own Plant Based Product Line. Participants will learn how to formulate with Essential Oils and related medicinal Herb offering plant based options to  medications with negative side effects.

The A-CAM Practitioner practice through education and it is offer as Complementary to an individual Medical Treatments.  The A-CAM Consultation serves as a revolving door for healthcare, always referring clients to a licensed physician for proper diagnosis of an undiagnosed illness, then helping to identify and eliminate environmental factors deleterious to the client’s conditions, looking at the possible cause of an illness, looking at the illness to chemical connection, offering plant based options for better health.

In our thirty-years of Certification the A-CAM Practitioner Education/Certification has been sought by every level of the healing community, from MDs, to Physician Assistants to Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacist, Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists, as well as students, office workers, administrators, realtors, lawyers, CPA’s, homemakers, and alternative healers and therapists. Each individual applies A-CAM protocols according to their degree of licensure and responsibility according to the law of their territory.

The PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultant 

Created after the recent reported rate of Cancer risk, being 1 in 2 Men & 2 in 3 women and the discovery that 97% of ALL our ILLNESSES are blamed on an individual “Lifestyle” & the other 1/3rd to “Genetics”. Coupled by today’s newborns being borned with over 250 chemicals, from their parents environments. Makes LifeStyle Preventive Care Practice a valuable concept in today’s Healthcare and maintenance.

The LifeStyle Preventive Practice focus on four LifeStyle areas known to be the cause of many of our illnesses. The Education and Practice is fueled by today’s growing scientific knowledge that, we BREATHE, DRINK, use PRODUCTS/MEDs and EAT, Cancer causing chemicals daily, bioaccumulating in our bodies Realizing how easy we can prevent these daily risks and how simple it is to connect an illness to a chemical, eliminate the risk of exposure(s) and possibly eliminate the maladies.

This Program focus on HOW we are FEEDING an ILLNESS and HOW we can STARVE such ILLNESS, Utilizing FOOD as Medicine in a unique, effectual LifeStyle change, thirty-day program geared to an individual Health needs.

The LifeStyle Preventive Care Program is a great addition, not only to the A-CAM Practice but to any other Healthcare Practice, wanting to pay attention to the possible cause of specific Illnesses, addressing Bioaccumulative damage in a person’s LifeStyle.

The PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Practice looks at the science that is seldom practice in a Medical Consultation, but yet connected to many of our illnesses, offering a Plant Based LifeStyle change for better Health.




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