When I began the Plant Based course in complementary alternative medicine it was out of natural curiosity. I wanted to know more about avoiding the chemicals we encounter daily and alternatives to headache and backache remedies as well as cleaning alternatives. Little did I know the impact it would make on my life as well as friends who were relying on various poisons masked as prescriptions.

This course taught me how to use alternatives for things we thought were necessary….aspirin, cleaning fluids, and a host of other necessities we thought were important. Kombucha became a saving grace for an 89 year old friend with various forms of cancer. His doctors were amazed at bloodwork after two months of his daily “tonic”.

I continue to learn and research with Miguel’s guidance and highly recommend this course for everyone. It is not just for those interested in the medical field but for anyone who wishes to lead a better life free of poisonous chemicals.

–Lynnda B., High School Teacher
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


PB-Cam was a life changing and an eye opening experience. I was very lucky to have taken this course in my early 20’s and before having children! I say this because the knowledge and the tools I gained were priceless. From the use of beauty products to daily household cleaning supplies, our homes our invaded by pollutants and PB-CAM education gives you the knowledge the clean your life and improve it drastically.

I have been blessed to use this education for myself and my family, now in my 40’s I can say Thank YOU. It has enabled me to create my own products and have a healthy lifestyle while saving money too. The reality we face is horrifying and scary, the only thing we can do is educate ourselves and take matters into our own hands. This course will do exactly that. The only thing you will regret was not having done it sooner!

Thank you Miguel for sharing your vast knowledge and years of research for the benefit of our health, physical and mental! I am forever grateful to you and for PB-Cam.

–Laura Pugliese, mother of three,
Miami, FL


If you care about your health and the well being of your loved ones, this is a course you definitely want to take! This course provides wealth of information and groundbreaking comprehensive approach to your health & well being. The course is built around 4 main areas affecting your health – Air we breath, Water we drink, Products we use, and the Food we consume.

I especially liked the layout of the course and found it easy to follow. It identifies the problem areas and provides simple solutions. Upon the completion of the course, it became very easy for me to make healthy choices and to navigate my way to a healthier happier lifestyle.
The creator of the course has been there for me 24/7 to answer all my questions and guide me through the course. This is an invaluable asset to have the full support of someone who genuinely cares.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be healthy and enjoy life. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or an amateur herbalist, this course will give you a totally fresh outlook on Health. Feeling blessed to have met Miguel and studied with him for many years.

— Ksenia L., Zumba Instructor,
Islamorada, FL


The Plant Based Complementary Alternative Medicine certification course has served me well over the past 18 years since I completed it during one of the first iterations of the curriculum. The knowledge that I received has been invaluable. The material and research presented was in hindsight cutting edge as more and more traditional medical persuasions are only now becoming largely aware of the efficacy and durability of plant based healing in today’s world.

I was lucky enough to have garnered the knowledge imparted onto me by Mr. Cisneros-Abreu in my early 20’s. Since then I have completed my legal studies, became an attorney, and most recently became a mother of three children. Throughout these 18 years, my knowledge of aromatherapy has served and benefited me (and my loved ones) the most. During college and professional school, it was through the use of aromatherapy that I was able to anchor my memory of complex concepts during my studies, assist my close friends in settling their minds and calming them down during times of heightened stress, and help resolve ailments such as colds, flus, and infections of different types.

On a more personal note, the many plant based beauty products that I learned to make have also served me, and my girlfriends, well in maintaining our complexions, detoxifying our skin, and balancing facial oils.

But most importantly, it has been through the relief that my children have experienced because of aromatherapy that I have gratefully experienced the highest benefit of having acquired this knowledge. Through the use of essential oils my children have overcome respiratory illnesses and infections, they have calmed down and become focused and centered in anticipation of tests, and they have healed their cuts bruises and burns within days of occurrence.

I encourage anyone who is considering undertaking this course of study to do so without hesitation and I give it my highest recommendation. The knowledge that will be acquired by a student of PB-CAM will prove to be invaluable after the very first module of the course. Immediately following the first days of the course, that knowledge can be put to practical use. As that knowledge expands incrementally over the entire course period, a student will finish with unparalleled confidence and ability to implement essential oils into their everyday lives for their own personal benefit as for the benefit of those closest to them.

–Cecilia E.-K, Attorney, Motivational Speaker,
Orlando, Florida


I would like to begin by saying this course has been an incredible blessing to my life and the lives of all those I share it with. I started off going just to learn more on aromatherapy and herbal teas and ended up incorporating all that I learned into my daily life for my family and creating a product line which continues to help my customers in a variety of ways.

I use my oils daily , in my skin care , for stressful times , to relax and to uplift during sluggish times. I can’t leave my home without my essential oils!! But that is just a portion of the information you will get. I learned about plant- based foods and how they heal and prevent illness. I use all this to maintain health and could not be happier about it.

Miguel A.Cisneros is an amazing teacher and human and there should be more people like him spreading such wonderful teachings.

I feel this course will benefit anyone who wants to adapt a more naturalistic and healthy life.

–Much health,
Veronica Dela Concepcion
Miami, FL


This course was simply amazing, fun and extraordinarily educational! I learned fascinating things about plant meds that I would never have learned elsewhere. Miguel shares oil synergies, potent blends and a slew of other natural remedies that he’s cultivated first-hand over the span of several decades. Worth every cent!!

–Joy D.