Professionally use ONLY A-CAM Essential Oils

We offer to our Practitioners the Essential Oils we have used in the A-CAM Practice with thirty plus years of observation and documentation.

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4oz quantities have a considerable markup because it costs us more to import anything under a pound…1oz. 1/2 oz & 1/8th oz are available from those Practitioners that keep an inventory, so feel free to ask for lesser amount.

1Lb (Wholesale) Bottles Essential Oils; 4oz Bottles

Essential Oil 1lb 4oz
Aniseed 75.50 45.00
Balsam Peru 90.00 55.50
Basil 129.20 77.52
Bergamot 225.20 135.00
Birch 82.00 55.50
Black Pepper 281.00 168.00
Cajeput 120.00 65.60
Camphor White 55.00 35.00
Cardamom 520.00 187.20
Carrot Seed 360.00 102.00
Cedarwood Atlas 85.00 55.00
Cedarwood Virginia 75.00 45.00
Celery Seed 566.63 203.99
Cinnamon 136.00 55.00
Citronella 67.00 40.50
Clary Sage 236.00 125.80
Clove Bud 99.70 45.00
Coriander 645.00 232.20
Cypress 196.00 95.00
Eucalyptus 54.00 32.00
Fennel 80.00 35.00
Fir Needle 87.00 45.00
Frankincense 587.00 250.00
Garlic 1lb 4oz
Geranium Rose 394.00 185.00
Ginger 543.38 250.00
Grapefruit 120.00 68.00
Juniper Berry 198.00 118.00
Lavender 125.00 75.00
Lemon 75.00 45.00
Lemongrass 75.00 45.00
Lime 75.00 45.00
Mandarin 439.88 265.00
Marjoram 178.00 95.00
Myrrh 463.20 195.00
Myrtle 1lb 4oz
Niaouli 495.00 250.00
Nutmeg 165.00 85.00
Orange 34.00 4oz
Patchouli 184.00 80.00
Peppermint 125.00 75.00
Petitgrain 414.00 210.00
Pimenta Berry $192.00 $115.20
Pine Wood 114.50 60.00
Rosemary 55.00 35.00
Sage Dalmation 146.00 65.00
Spearmint 125.00 75.00
Spruce 285.75 137.00
Styrax Benzoin 1lb 4oz
Tangerine 62.50 35.00
Thyme White 125.00 55.00
Ti-Tree 114.00 60.00
Vetivert 370.00 135.00
1st Extra
324.00 120.00
Essential Oil 1lb 4oz

Additional Oils sold in smaller quantities…

Essential Oil 1oz 0.5oz
Calendula 120.00 72.00
Chamomile Blue 190.00 114.00
Chamomile Roman 150.00 85.00
Immortelle/Helichrism 1oz 0.5oz
Jasmine Absolute 480.00 288.00
Neroli Petal 480.00 288.00
Parsley Seed 155.00 94.00
Rose Absolute 480.00 288.00
Sandalwood 390.00 234.00
Valerian 120.00 72.00
Practitioner Essential Oil Kits 1oz each e.o.,
no substitutions
1/2oz each e.o.,
no substitutions
PB-CAM Practitioner Course Kit (12 Oils) $393.00 $235

Practitioner Essential Oil Kit Includes 1 oz or .5oz each of the following twelve oils frequently used in PB-CAM Practice:

1 Cedarwood Atlas E.O. ($20/$12)
2 Citronella E.O. ($16/$9.60)
3 Clary Sage E.O. ($60/$36)
4 Lavender E.O. ($25/$15)
5 Lemongrass E.O. ($18/$10.80)
6 Marjoram E.O. ($42/$25.20)
7 Orange E.O. ($18/$10.80)
8 Peppermint E.O. ($25/$15)
9 Rosemary E.O. ($20/$12)
10 Sage E.O. ($45/$27)
11 Ti-Tree (Tea-Tree) E.O. ($22/$13.20)
12 Ylang-Ylang 1st Extra E.O. ($82/$49.20)
No substitutions!

*All Prices subject to change based on fluctuations in world market prices
Some E. Oil descriptions on the site are currently being updated…

About these Oils

This page exists to vend the pure single-species plant-derived essential oils that have been used in the AromaTherapy Complementary-Alternative Medicine (A-CAM) Practice for almost 31 years, and it’s expanded successor, Plant-Based Complementary-Alternative Medicine (PB-CAM), for the past few.

About our Essential Oils:
All of the oils have been used according to the Protocols of Practice of those disciplines with the same results for that entire period, during which we have only changed sources for three of the essential oils, when we found superior oil properties in new geographic locations.

Our pure plant essential oils, sourced from the best geographic locations all over the world during the three decades of A-CAM practice, from the same family growers, extractors, and importers, in the ideal climatic conditions for the medicinal plants from which they are derived, are guaranteed by our providers to be entirely sourced from the plant species for which the essential oil is named, with no dilution, cheaper species substitutions, synthetic / petroleum-based additives, or carrier oils added.

Our pure plant essential oils and absolutes are all derived using effleurage, cold pressing, and/or CO2 extraction, with no toxic solvents (such as hexane) in use during the process.

Having sourced the essential oils from the same growers during this period, most are not certified organic, though much of their source flora species are biodynamically / organically grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

In addition to the pure plant essential oils, we also offer several plant-based cleaning products which are produced through chemistry from plant sources (rather than from petroleum distillates). These include Pine Oil, and various plant-based detergents mixed with essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Lemongrass…

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