Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about our Plant Based-CAM Practitioner/Consultant Certification Course…

1. What is plant based health? Plant Based Health is the use of medicinal plant materials; Essential Oils & related Medicinal Herbs as an option to synthetics chemicals, for better health.

2. Why do you need to become certified in Plant Based Health? The PB-CAM Certification, gives an individual the “backbone”, knowledge and recognition of a Plant Based Practice, with over twenty-eight (28) year history, of research & practice in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).

3. What will I learn by attending this course? Participants will learn present day health warnings on the four Lifestyle areas, connected to many of our illnesses; Chemicals in the AIR we BREATH, in the WATER/BEVERAGE we DRINK, the PRODUCTS/MED’s we USE and the FOODS we EAT (Foods that feeds illnesses, foods that starved illnesses). in-addition to plant based options to better health.

4. After I complete the course, pass the exam and receive certification, what’s next? After successful completion and PB-CAM Certification an individual will have the knowledge to offer consultations through education, based on the science that is seldom practice in a medical consultation, and offer plant based lifestyle options for a non-toxic Healthcare and Maintenance . In addition, individuals will have the knowledge to develop their own Plant Based Product line.

5. How will this course benefit me and my family and friends? The science based, time-tested information in the PB-CAM Course empowers the PB-CAM Practitioner/Consultant with the AWARENESS to recognize our daily Chemical Exposure(s) and their connection to many of our illnesses, in-addition to the KNOWLEDGE to provide Plant Based Options, making a difference in family members’ and friends’ lifestyles, which are now known to be responsible for not only 2/3 of all cancers, but for many of today’s other maladies.