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Multilevel “aromatherapy” business vs. AromaTherapy Practice by a trained Certified Practitioner

Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu, AromaTherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM) Research, Education & Practice. 
MultiLevel “aromatherapy” vs.  AromaTherapy Certified Practice
November 2018

I am often asked,What is the difference between the popular Multilevel “aromatherapy” business from the AromaTherapy Practice by a trained/Certified Practitioner?”

The answer is clear for those who have been formally educated, Certified and Practice AromaTherapy in Health Care. But NOT so CLEAR for those who just discover “aromatherapy” via a multi-level concept.

Before I continue, I will like to make clear, that I have no problem with those representing a multilevel system.  I have good friends that have chosen to join a multilevel product company, they are excited, doing very well and I am happy for them.  But there is a great difference, between a Sale representative and a Practitioner, which needs to be clarify. 

The following is the difference between both practice, I based my information on thirty-years of Research, Education & Practice on AromaTherapy in Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM).  

  1. Multi-Level Marketing Aromatherapy is a concept that seeks Sales Representative to sell their products and to recruit others to do the same.  Money is made from their sales and they get a portion from the sales of those they recruit. This is a very successful venture, with strong marketing support.  The training is geared for a sales representative to sale a ready made product, their training is to sell not to formulate for individual needs, nor with any training in working in a healthcare setting. Much different from the training and practice of a Certified AromaTherapy Practitioner.
  2. Trained Certified AromaTherapy Practitioner is an individual who have completed a formal AromaTherapy Practitioner Program, intensively trained on the uses of Plant Essential Oils and in our case, Medicinal Herb in today’s Healthcare and maintenance. They have knowledge on individual product development and formulations for different needs. Even in these programs, there are many levels of practice, most are formatted from the European method of Practice in our case, it is based on thirty-years of Scientific Data, Medical History of Essential Oils & thirty-years of observation and anecdotal information. We trained and practice AromaTherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM), through an Individual Questionnaire we look at the diagnosed illnesses) to chemical(s) connection and offer plant based options for better health.

Other Certification  Programs in AromaTherapy Practices have their own protocols of practice, depending on their training, but they are all trained to work within the framework of Healthcare.

Most of the Cert. Aromatherapy Practitioner Programs began years ago, ours began thirty-years ago, one of the first to form in the USA, and continues to evolve side-by-side with Today’s Health needs and warnings.

Hope this clarify the difference between the Cert. Practice of AromaTherapy & aromatherapy the business.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or call me at 786-597-3760.