About A-CAM/PB-CAM Plant-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine

About Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu, Research-Education-Practice

Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu, creator of A-CAM/PB-CAM Practice

Miguel’s Research, Education & Practice began in the late 1980’s motivated by the therapeutic properties of Plant Medicines for the common ailments of the times. Offering an option to the side-effect risks of synthetic Med’s.

In the 90’s he began to observed the many chemically based products we daily use and began to gather scientific data and observation on chemical to illnesses connection, opening the door to the possible cause of many of our illnesses. Gathering new scientific data on the Health Risks of Chemicals in the AIR we BREATHE, in the WATER/BEVERAGE we DRINK, in the PRODUCT/MEDs we USE and, in the FOOD we EAT. Many years of observation/results of a LifeStyle change to Plant-Based Options, led him to begin to write, the protocols of practice for an evolving Plant Health Profession, he named, Aromatherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM).

During late 90’s and mid-2000’s his quest took him to Native American Tribes and Life Keepers (Medicine men/women), where he served as a consultant to the Oneida Tribe’s Organic farm, this is where he learned the value of herbs and other natural healing concepts. He has helped hundreds of people through his Plant Based-CAM Practice, Education & Recommendations. He is the author of “AromaTherapy-Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM)​,” a Practitioner Certification Course Web-Based Program, offered to those with interest in Essential Oils and related Herb, in product development and helping others with Plant Based options to chemical based products.

In 2016 he was alarmed to the shocking news of the latest rate of Cancer risk, reported to be 1 out of 2 for Men and 2 out of 3 for Woman, and the information that 2/3 of all Cancers are related to Lifestyles, and the other 1/3 to genetics. Lifestyles we control and genetics we can influence, was the very strong motivation for his new book “LifeStyles of the SICK & HEALTHY” introducing an effectual “Four week LifeStyle Program” to better Health.

In 2018 he authored The “PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultant Certification Program​” a science based evolving profession complementing today’s health care and maintenance, working side-by-side with an individual’s Medical Treatments, looking at the science that is seldom looked at, in a Medical Consultation,connecting illness to chemicals in the AIR we breathe, WATER/BEVERAGES we DRINK, PRODUCTS?MEDs we use and FOOD we EAT. Introducing the time-tested, result oriented thirty day PB-CAM Program, Offering chemical exposure(s) awareness and Plant-Based options for a Healthier

His information and recommendations are based on thirty-years of Health information and today’s health warnings collected from the National Institute of Health, the EPA, the National Toxicology Program, and the uses of Plant Medicines in Medical History, as well as many years of observation and practical experience.

His passion have been fueled by his life’s observation of illness we did not have in the 50’, 60’ & 70’s, a time when chemicals now connected to today’s illness began to appear in the AIR, WATER/BEVERAGEs, PRODUCTs/MEDs & FOOD.

Today Miguel continues his research and practice, educating others on the health risk of chemicals in daily life, and the options and benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. His many years of visionary work, has earn him the recognition by those who follows his teachings and protocols as a “Pioneer in Plant-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine”. At present he resides on the edge of the Ocala Forest, in Central Florida, working on his new book, on living healthy 100 year plus, not yet titled, available sometime in the future, for now he is eagerly celebrating 71 years of life’s time observations, as he likes to say, “got 29 more years to prove my point”

“No doubt the illness-chemical connection is a real threat, but we have a choice; a LifeStyle of Treatments or a LifeStyle of Prevention, I choose Preventive Health, I choose the non-toxic, health promoting benefits of a Plant Based LifeStyle. Yes, we are all going to die, but I choose to die Healthy, enjoying every active moment of Life, without depending on synthetic medications to counteract the self-inflicted damage from a LifeStyle of Sickness.

No doubt you can MAKE the REST of your LIFE, the BEST of your LIFE…stay healthy my friends” M.A.Cisneros-Abreu

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