Better Health Through Science, Plant Based LifeStyle & Common Sense
AromaTherapy-Essential Oils-Medicinal Herb-Plant Based Food & Environments

Thirty-years of Research, Education & Practice in Today’s Health Risks & Warnings.

NOT your TYPICAL Aromatherapy Education/Certification/Practice…

AromaTherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM) Practitioner Cert. Program

Includes the Practitioner’s Essential Oil Blending Kit ($400)

 Web-Based Education, with options to finish at your own pace or request structure live classroom session or combine both for a personal educational experience.

The Flagship of our Plant Health Education, with thirty-years plus of science-based research and practice, taught at Miami-Dade Junior College, Florida International University (FIU), Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin & The A-CAM Institute in the Miami, Florida area. This program has trained Conventional and Alternative practitioners from every level of the Health Care community. This course provides another level of AromaTherapy in Complementary Alternative Medicine, offering:

  • Plant Essential Oils & related Herb Therapeutic properties
  • Time-tested Protocols of A-CAM Practice
  • Chemical exposure awareness and options in Air, Products, Med’s & Food
  • Time-tested original formulas of Essential Oils Synergies, Herb Blends & Tinctures, as options to toxic products.
  • Case studies, scientific validations & anecdotal information
  • Knowledge of blending & marketing an individual Plant-Based Product Line
  • Result oriented Practitioner’s Assessment Form
  • Complementary to all Health Care Treatment Practices.
  • Individual Plant Based Product Line Development guidance.
  • Unlimited Live sessions per your request
  • A-CAM Practitioner Certification upon successful completion of Program (16×20)

Program Curriculum

  • Level ONE-Chemical Illnesses to Chemical Exposures Connections & Plant Based options: Includes Level ONE Manual, 2 hrs of audio lectures, & 5-product blending videos.
  • Level TWO-Medicinal Materials: Essential Oils & Medicinal Herbs in synergies, medicinal teas, tinctures, including time-tested original formulations. Includes; Level TWO Manual, three Audio Lecture videos ( 2 hrs 23 minutes), 5 instructional videos (2 hrs).
  • Level THREE-Product Development: Learn how to formulate your own Plant Based Product line. Includes, Level THREE Manual, three Audio Lecture Videos (2hrs)
  • Level FOUR-the PB-CAM Protocol of Practice, including case studies and an invite to join our FB “secret group” for continuous education & participation. Includes; Level FOUR Manual, Two Audio Video Lecture ( 2hrs), seven instructional videos (4 1/2 hrs).

Program Cost-$1600.00, we include $400 worth of Essential Oil Blending Kit.

Payment plans available upon request. 

Course Includes;

  • $400 Practitioner Essential Oil Blending Kit & shipping cost
  • Practitioner Manual, Blending videos, Audio Lectures, Time-tested result oriented formulations.
  • Lifetime access to up-to-date education
  • Real time assistance as needed



Plant-Based LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultant Certification Program

 Three-months of Live Web Based Interactive Classroom Sessions

Based on Four LifeStyle areas connected to many of today’s illnesses & offering Plant Based options for better Health. The AIR we BREATHE, WATER/BEVERAGES we DRINK, PRODUCTS/MEDS we USE & FOOD we EAT. This Program requires Student participation; the only way to see/feel the Health Benefits of the first 30 day of the PB-CAM Program is to experience the benefits. Certification awarded upon completion.

  • We include a new High Power Food Emulsifying Blender for daily participation in the PB-CAM 30-day LifeStyle Program. ($150 value)

1st Month-AIR we BREATHE & Beginning of our 30 Day Food Program

  • Known illness connected to chemicals exposures/consumption
  • Science based Vegetable combination for a LifeStyle change
  • Treatment vs Prevention
  • Bioaccumulation
  • Oxidative Stress/Oxidative Damage
  • Beverages/Water warnings & options
  • Home AIR illness-chemical connection & options
  • Precautionary Principle & supported science
  • Case Studies & testimonials

2nd Month-PRODUCTs/MED’s USE & Plant Based OPTIONs

  • Participants share feedback & hear from others on health impact of the first month of the program.
  • Participants implement what they learned from their 1st month on a family member or friend with health problems.
  • Products/Med’s Warnings & Plant Based options

3rd Month-PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation & Review

  • Type of Consultations- General, Preconception, Family Care, Diagnosed Illness
  • Review of 1st & 2nd month on the Program
  • Plant Food Vitamins, Protein, Iron, Calcium & known benefits
  • Preventive Care-Complementing Medical Treatment
  • Consultant Program Questionnaire, Consultation Pricing & Marketing.
    Program includes unlimited access to this course for as long as you like-across any and all devices you own.


-Registrant must have knowledge of medicinal uses of Essential Oils, Medicinal Herbs & Plant Based Product Development.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultant Certificate. After Certification participants will have the opportunity to help others with LifeStyle changes by offering Preventive Care Consultations for better Health.

Course Cost $500, payment plans available upon request

Plant Based LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation

A thirty-days guided LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation, looking at an individual daily exposures, consumption & absorption, with a focus on chemicals known to be the cause of a diagnosed illness and Health condition(s).  

Personal Consultation includes unlimited live assistance & guidance, within the 60-day LifeStyle Program looking at Plant-Based options for the AIR you BREATHE, the WATER/BEVERAGE you DRINK, the PRODUCTs/MEDs you USE & very important the FOODs you EAT, from the point of view on HOW you FEED your ILLNESS and what FOODs are KNOWN to STARVE your ILLNESS.

This Program has been proven very effective and works in conjunction with an individual Medical Treatments. Effectiveness felt within first week of the program.  

Plant Based LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation cost $100

Additional info… 786-597-3760 or email

“Whatever Health Care you practice, the Aromatherapy-Complementary Alternative Medicine (A-CAM) Practitioner Programs will teach you to search for a possible cause of a diagnosed illness, offering Plant Based options for better Health, by looking at the science seldom looked at in a Medical Consultation, yet connected with many of today’s illnesses.”