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The Certified PB-CAM Practitioner Consultant is trained to offer the most natural approach to everyday living by pinpointing and replacing toxins in products used for personal care and for the home/office. Highest quality A-CAM/PB-CAM Essential Oils are used to economically replace toxic synthetics used in everything from bathroom cleaners to air fresheners to baby products, and simpler, healthier lifestyle choices are recommended, to include a review and exchange of food known to “feed” illnesses for Plant-Based Foods known to starve illnesses.

The PB-CAM Practitioner Consultant learns practical ways to evaluate the lifestyle and environment of the client, and how to custom blend A-CAM/PB-CAM grade quality essential oils and herbal teas for specific medical conditions, skin care problems, and other ailments.

Upon successful completion of the AromaTherapy Complementary Alternative Medicine Consultant and Lifestyle Preventative Care Consultant Courses, Practitioners are certified and records kept of their continuing education and practice. PB-CAM Practitioners always act within the PB-CAM Protocols of Practice, and display the PB-CAM Logo in their practice.

The Practitioner serves as a revolving door for healthcare, always referring clients to a licensed physician for diagnosis, then helping to identify and eliminate environmental factors deleterious to the client’s conditions.

PB-CAM Practitioners make a wealth of information available to medical professionals and their clients on alternatives available to potentially toxic or allergenic cosmetics, cleaners, household textiles and building materials, even pharmacology, while acting within their accepted degree of licensure in the community.

The PB-CAM Practitioner Membership has been saught by every level of the healing community, from MDs, to Physician Assistants to Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, PharmD’s, Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Social Workers, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists, as well as students, office workers, administrators, realtors, lawyers, CPA’s, homemakers, and alternative healers and therapists. Each individual applies A-CAM according to their degree of licensure and responsibility according to the law of their territory.

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