Lifestyles of the Sick & Healthy: 21st Century Survival Guide, by M.A. Cisneros-Abreu

“Make the REST of your LIFE, the BEST of your LIFE”
Lifestyles of the Sick & Healthy

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“Make the Rest of your Life, the Best of your Life…
The urgency for the creation of this document was the recent reported rate of CANCER: 1 in 2 men, and 2 in 3 women, making CANCER a Pandemic Disease of the 21st Century.

The combined knowledge of the cause of 2/3 of CANCER — blamed on Lifestyle & the other 1/3rd — blamed on Genetics, in addition to the fact that we Breathe air, Drink beverages, Use products/meds, and Eat foods containing CANCER-causing chemicals daily! Easy to prevent if we lower the risk of chemical exposures in those areas, possibly eliminating the sickness itself.

That’s what this book is about… Starving an Illness rather than Feeding the cause, looking at the science that is seldom looked at in a Medical Consultation, yet connected to many of our illnesses.

LifeStyles of the Sick & Healthy will alert you, make you mad, make you smile, and make you think, but most importantly it will provide you with illness-to-chemical awareness, and easy-to-follow Plant-Based changes to increase your odds for a LifeStyle of Health.

The science-based information & suggested changes have proven to be a HealthWise Lifestyle change for many. Simple to implement, with results felt within the 1st week of the program. It can easily be incorporated side-by-side with any other Health Practice & Treatments.

Your choice: a Lifestyle of Sickness or a Lifestyle of Health? Stay Healthy my friends…”

M.A. Cisneros-Abreu

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$9.99 in .PDF format

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