Schedule Your Plant-Based LifeStyle Preventie Care Consultation

A ​Plant Based-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation​ is an evidence-based
interactive session assessing chemical exposures & consumption in four areas
of an individual’s LifeStyle, focusing on chemicals in the AIR they BREATHE,
connecting diagnosed illnesses to known chemical exposures/consumptions,
eliminating/reducing known health risks. The next step is to offer the best
non-toxic Plant Based options to a Healthier LifeStyle. All Consultation
includes thirty-days of the unique LifeStyle Preventive Care Program.

The ​Family Planning Consultation​ is unique to the PB-CAM Practice, derived
from evidence-based research of the 200 plus combined chemicals found in
today’s newborns from their Mother and Father environments. This
Consultation offers Plant Based LifeStyle changes geared to the parents to-be,
increasing the odds for healthier babies.

PB-CAM LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation​ is provided for informational and
educational purposes, and should not be construed as medical advice.
Information is based on present scientific validation, historical uses of plant
medicine, anecdotal information, and common sense.

This is complementary medicine; it complements your medical treatment,
and provides choice in the best non-toxic approach to your health care.

Consultation Cost: $200 for the thirty-day personal guidance LifeStyle
Program. Consultation includes thirty days unlimited sessions, provided by
phone or face-to-face live sessions.

To Request a LifeStyle Preventive Care Consultation
E-mail education to schedule (remove spaces)
Or call 786-597-3760.