Consultation Testimonial:

A few years back, a friend of a friend recommended me to seek a Plant Based CAM Consultation. At the time I was going through everything imaginable, health issues, emotional issues, financial issues, you name it. Although a bit skeptical at first, We took a trip only to find the coolest person ever, (really!)

To make a very long story short, the PB-CAM Practitioner, showed me so many different remedies and suggested so many different things to me that could help in every aspect of my life. He introduced me to essential oils (which to this day I am still very fond of.) He showed me how to use different oils, for different purposes, some for pain, some for relaxation, inflammation, etc. really incredible stuff.

And just when I found myself in a slump once again, he was the first person I thought of calling. Without failing, the consultation was awesome! He listened to me, spoke to me, and recommend numerous things to help improve my well being. The Practitioner has so much knowledge on so many things that it really helped me feel like I was in good hands. His wisdom has definitely inspired me a whole lot and what he’s shared, I will always keep with me. This consultation is something I recommend to any one, of any age, because completely harmless, healthy and safe! You really have nothing to lose, just a lot to gain! And the best thing is, that it worked with my medical treatments and advised, it just enhance my health and wellbeing.

–Maria B.,
Miami, Florida

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A Plant Based-CAM Consultation is an evidence based interactive session assessing chemical exposures & consumption in four areas of an individual’s LifeStyle, focusing on chemicals in the AIR they BREATHE, WATER/BEVERAGE they DRINK, PRODUCTS/MED’s they USE & FOOD they EAT, connecting diagnosed illnesses to known chemical exposures/consumptions, eliminating/reducing known health risks. The next step is to offer the best non-toxic Plant Based options to a Healthier LifeStyle.

The Family Planning Consultation is unique to the PB-CAM Practice, derived from evidence-based research of the 200 plus combined chemicals found in today’s newborns from their Mother and Father environments. This Consultation offers LifeStyle changes geared to the parents to-be, increasing the odds for healthier babies.

PB-CAM Consultation is provided for informational and educational purposes, and should not be construed as medical advice. Information is based on present scientific validation, historical uses of plant medicine, anecdotal information, and common sense.

This is complementary medicine; it complements your medical treatment, and provides choice in the best non-toxic approach to your health care.

To Request a Consultation with one of our active Practitioners:

  1. E-mail education to schedule (remove spaces)
  2. Via telephone or free Skype video conferencing, your consultation with a Certified A-CAM Practitioner

We use Skype, which is a free download, which allow us to communicate for free, just like talking on the phone, but with face-to-face video as well. If you have a web camera, we can talk face-to-face during your consultation. Skype also allows me to send you info-files, as needed.

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