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Whatever Health Care you practice, the Plant-Based LifeStyle Practitioner Program will teach you to search for a possible cause of a diagnosed illness, by looking at the science seldom looked at in a Medical Consultation, yet connected with many of today’s sicknesses.

The urgency for the creation of this program was the recent reported rate of Cancer: one in two men, and two out of three women – 2/3rds of cases blamed on “Lifestyle” & the other 1/3rd on “Genetics”.

It is fueled by the knowledge that every day we Breathe, Drink, Use (in products/meds), and Eat cancer-causing chemicals. Reminded of this, we realize how easily we can prevent this risk and how simple it is to connect an illness to a chemical, eliminating the risk of exposure(s) and possibly eliminating the sickness itself.

These science-based protocols, combined with the uses of Plant-Based options for a healthier lifestyle, make this practice a valuable health tool, which may be practiced by itself or jointly with any other health practice.

PB-CAM: The Four Week Program to a Healthier Lifestyle

While Medical Guidance treats the symptoms, PB-CAM uses its exclusive “Four Week Program to Healthier Lifestyle” which searches for the cause(s) of the diagnosed illnesses within four LifeStyle areas of known daily chemical exposures, connecting diagnosed illness to possible chemical(s) cause, offering effectual plant-based options, producing a change from a Lifestyle of Sickness to a Lifestyle of Health. Working side-by-side with the Client’s Medical Treatments.

Our complete web-based PB-CAM Program includes live reviews and assistance throughout, as participants become familiar with the uses of Plant Essential Oils, related Medicinal Herbs & PB-CAM LifeStyle Protocols

Students will be able to participate in Web-Classroom effortlessly from any computer, tablet or phone; talking, listening, sharing Live Classroom Screen discussions. Once you register, we will send you all the options to take this course live in addition to access to all your prerecorded materials & entry to the PB-CAM Practitioner ONLY FaceBook study group

Course Cost $1,200

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